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Follow a Raw Food Diet To Help Reverse Diabetes!

Try This Raw Food Diet To Help Reverse Diabetes!


To raise awareness about the fragile state of our beautiful planet, and to suggest ways we can each do our part to set the stage for a sustainable future.

Go here to watch the trailer for a 2008 Groundbreaking Documentary Film
Which Shows How A Raw Food Diet Can Help Reverse Diabetes!

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If you or some you know has diabetes...
try a raw food diet to help start reversing it!

  • Do you or someone your know have diabetes?
  • Would you like to find out about a way of eating that has helped others with diabetes reverse THEIR diabetes?
    If so, click here to watch the trailer for a 2008 Documentary Film
    titled "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days" - which follows
    the journey of six diabetics who did just that - and they did it:
  • In a healthy manner
  • Inexpensively
  • And at the same time are helping to create to better environment
    for the Earth!
    If you were impressed with what you saw and think it might work for
    you, then go here to get started.

    If you're not yet quite ready to choose a strictly raw food diet, check out
    the great selection of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks and recipe books
    below.  In them you'll see how you can eliminate animal flesh and
    animal by-products such as eggs, cheese, milk, etc. from your diet, and
    what you can substitute in their place.  In a short while, you won't even
    miss them!
    Please Note:  I am not a doctor and am not offering medical advice.
    If you have diabetes or any other medical condition, please check with
    your doctor before starting this, or any other eating plan.  Thanks.

Karen - Went vegan June 2009

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 Vegetarian Meal Books - Something For Everyone!
And check out even more vegetarian meal books here.

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